One of the biggest costs that we are all exposed to throughout our lives is taxation. It is applied to our incomes, capital gains that we make, the transfer of assets either through gifts or on death, even our properties.

When it comes to your personal finances, there are a number of areas in which we can assist you with your tax planning. These include;

  • Reviewing your Income tax situation to ensure any tax relief available is being fully obtained. This includes maximising relief for medical & other expenses.
  • Helping you to obtain tax relief on life cover premiums.
  • Ensuring tax relief is gained on income protection premiums.
  • Advice on maximising tax relief on pension contributions and examining opportunities to back date pension contributions to a previous year.
  • Maximising tax saving opportunities at retirement and post-retirement tax planning.
  • Assistance in reviewing and filing tax returns so that all available tax reliefs are claimed.

For more information on how we can help you to reduce your tax bills, please give us a call.