Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is an important topic in our financial planning meetings. People are living longer today and the value of state benefits is reducing, factors that require individuals to take more ownership of their own retirement planning. 
At Personal Advisory Services, the goal for many of our clients is to maintain their lifestyle after retirement. At the end of the day, if you invest wisely, the more you save and the longer that you save for, the better chance you have of achieving the lifestyle you desire. 
Tax benefits are at the heart of retirement planning and tax planning is one of our areas of expertise. There is a range of taxation benefits to support you in your retirement planning;
  • Tax relief on the contributions that you make
  • You pension fund grows free of any taxes
  • You can take a portion of your pension fund out tax-free at retirement. 
But just availing of the tax benefits is not enough. We help you to identify the right pension structure for you based on your specific circumstances and ultimately find the right products and investment portfolio to suit your circumstances.
It’s a long road to retirement. We help you develop your retirement plan at the outset and offer the facility for regular reviews so you can ensure you are still on course to achieve your objectives. 
And once you reach retirement age, we can help you invest your retirement fund wisely in tax efficient structures. 
If you would like to find out more about how we help our clients to achieve their retirement objectives, please give us a call.