Planning Process


Your objectives: We want to understand your financial objectives.
Your starting point: It is helpful to gain a detailed understanding of all aspects of your financial life - your current assets & liabilities, your income and expenses and a range of other relevant information as this enables us to draw up our financial recommendations for you. 
Your risk appetite: We help you to identify your appetite and tolerance for risk so that we can recommend investment solutions that are appropriate for you. 
Our plan and recommendations: Once we understand your financial goals, your starting point and how much risk you wish to take, we then use this to develop your financial plan and recommendations as to how you can best achieve your financial objectives. 
Impartial provider research & choice: If a financial product is recommended as part of your plan, we research the market to identify the best products to meet those needs. 
Solution implementation: We then help you complete the paperwork and help you get the required product in place as efficiently as possible. 
Scheduled reviews: We can agree a review schedule to suit you to take account of changing circumstances, investment markets and other factors so that your plan can be adjusted as required.